New Grad Testimonials

New Grad Testimonials

Yellow Brick Path has confidentiality agreements with its clients and therefore no names are provided with these testimonials. We assure you that they are from real clients, most provided in writing, and have not been fabricated for marketing purposes.

We must be doing something right…

“Thank you so much for all the career insight you provided my son. You are a seasoned pro in your field of career consulting.”
Logistics Executive for son seeking internship

“Now that I’ve graduated, I want to thank you again for your incredible help throughout this year.”
Honors Liberal Arts Graduate

“Thank you so much. My niece is very happy with your work, and I appreciate how quickly you finished the resume. She sent it to me and it looks great.”
New Masters graduate in Food Biotechnology

“Thank you so much for your help. My resume looks GREAT for a college graduate.”
New College Graduate

“Thank you for your help with your resume. I love it! My mom and my godmother (my mentor) agree it’s fantastic.”
New College Graduate