In today’s world of business and particularly for job search, the LinkedIn profile has become an essential.

It is often the 1st place recruiters go to find candidates – in fact LinkedIn offers a special service for recruiters searching the LinkedIn database – as well as where job searchers go to look for connections. It is also used by anyone that wants to find out about an individual, for example, before an interview or a before a business event, before the actual meeting takes place.

Yellow Brick Path LinkedIn Options

Contact Paula to discuss the best option for you

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All of our consultants do their own scheduling and billing so that you can talk directly with the person you will be working with before signing up. Paula will provide you with an introduction and contact information for the appropriate consultant.

We now offer several options for helping you with LinkedIn profiles. The choice depends on how you are going to use LinkedIn as well as how much you want to invest in your profile.

Currently, our LinkedIn services are only offered to clients that we have worked with on their resumes.

Choose one of these if you are primarily interested in have a professional presence on LinkedIn. In other words, will you look good to someone who looks you up by your name or finds you in some other way. This is not about “being found” but about “looking good”.

  • LinkedIn Review: Review your LinkedIn profile with Yellow Brick Path’s principal and founder as part of a comprehensive resume program. This takes about 15-20 minutes and is designed to give you pointers that you can implement to make sure you aren’t embarrassing yourself.

  • Foundation or Foundation Plus LinkedIn Profile: Work by phone and email with our LinkedIn Specialist to repurpose your new resume to your LinkedIn profile taking into account LinkedIn best practices. With the Foundation Plus option, our Specialist can work with you on some of the special features that LinkedIn offers such as heading banners or attachments of projects, videos, or work samples. Both of these options are designed for you to get up on Linked in quickly with a professional presentation, keeps you from having to learn the ins-and-outs of working in LinkedIn and its ever-changing environment, and saves you time – even if it is just in entering the information.

Choose one of these if you are interested not only in looking good but also in increasing the probability of having people find you using LinkedIn.

  • DIY Visibility: Work by phone and email with our LinkedIn Expert in this 2-hour do-it-yourself approach. This includes 2 1-hour sessions with the 1st on how to design a profile for visibility by the search engine (including guidelines and templates) and 2nd about a week later to review and critique the client’s draft. It also includes guidance on uploading and formatting the profile, making changes to settings, suggestions on on-going activities to improve algorithm scores, and an e-Book on using LinkedIn. This approach helps not only in having a professional presence but also in “being found” by LinkedIn searchers.

  • Comprehensive & Optimized Profile: Work by phone and email with our LinkedIn Expert over several weeks to create a comprehensive, optimized and tested LinkedIn profile. This approach provides delivery of a LinkedIn profile created by an expert that maximizes visibility. In addition, you can add development of a personal website based on your LinkedIn profile that further increases your visibility.

Professional headshot: Regardless of which approach is taken, a professional headshot is essential. For interested clients, we have a skilled photographer as part of our team. See profile under Team for Lee Ann Baker.

Disclaimer: The LinkedIn® logo is a trademarked image and solely owned by and registered to the LinkedIn Corporation. Neither Yellow Brick Path nor its team members are affiliated with the LinkedIn Corporation or offer services on their behalf.