Who are our clients?

Who are our clients?

Do You Need the Services of Yellow Brick Path?

Positioning for a move up or to a new job in your current organization?
Thinking about making a job change?
In transition between jobs?

  • You find yourself looking for a job for the first time in your career. Because you are successful, you have been promoted, recruited, or followed bosses to new positions.

You need direction and a roadmap

  • You cannot clearly and succinctly tell someone about yourself – who you are and where you bring value to an organization – and capture their imagination.

You need to create your stories and position for your future

  • You have a resume that is long, crowded, unattractive, difficult to read, difficult to understand, or without focus.

You need our help to develop a high impact resume

After working with Yellow Brick Path,
you will know how to present yourself as an “A” player


We have experts and professionals to give you the best resume writing and career coaching services in Plano, Arlington, Dallas, Texas and throughout the U.S