Executive Testimonials

Executive Testimonials

Yellow Brick Path has confidentiality agreements with its clients and therefore no names are provided with these testimonials. We assure you that they are from real clients, most provided in writing, and have not been fabricated for marketing purposes.

We must be doing something right…

“Resume worked!”
From CIO to COO (Client sharing press release announcement of her new job)

“Many thanks for everything so far. I truly believe the areas you helped me with landed me in this position, and so far I’ve been very happy with my new organization. It’s night and day difference of work environment, and I think I’ll be here for quite some time!”
Software Engineering Executive

“Working with Paula Asinof on my resume, executive bio, and LinkedIn profile was an amazing experience! She was incredibly helpful in refreshing these documents and really helped me to capture not only my experience and the value I would bring to an organization but also got to the heart of who I am and what drives my passion.”
Senior Technology Executive

“Thanks for a great resume! Apparently it did the job. As soon as I sent it, my target company scheduled an interview – and every 10 minutes they keep asking me to meet more people. It looks like I’m meeting 5 people today.”
Group President, Fortune 50 Healthcare Company

“Paula has a unique ability to help me ‘unclutter my mind’”.
Technology Executive, Pharmaceutical Industry

“When I began searching for my next role, I struggled to find words for my last position. You showed me how narrow I was focused and how a resume, cover letter, and bio come together as a package to show off my accomplishments. Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions about the thought process. The documents are the deliverables, but I learned so much more through our conversations.”
Data Scientist, Cyber Security, APAC

“Five years ago, my severance package included the services from one of Dallas’s top rated outplacement firms. They provided me with interviewing skills along with an updated bio and resume. However, the quality advice, knowledgeable insight, and the very impressive bio and resume that Paula recently provided me were all far superior. Paula’s services and guidance are absolutely top notch and I will recommend her to both friends and business colleagues.”
Senior Investment Portfolio Manager

“Paula has a special and very unique skillset. She has the ability to deeply understand talented executive backgrounds and present them in a succinct, clear and attractive fashion whether in the forum of written bio/cv or via social media.”
Managing Director, International M&A

“Paula was immensely helpful in providing guidance, content expertise, and a fresh new look at the value of my experience in my resume, executive bio, and LinkedIn profile. Her innate ability to also capture who I really am in these artifacts is an added bonus. I highly recommend Paula whether you are looking for a new role, Board seat, or just need a powerful and refreshed articulation of who you are and where you want to go.”
CIO, Healthcare

“The Topgrading interview went extremely well I feel. ….the preparation and guidance from you made this a much better experience than I thought it would be. Thanks so much for everything. It really made a difference.”
Executive interviewing for a Director of Software Engineering position


“After a great deal of consideration, I decided to work out a better situation at my current job. I do appreciate your effort to help inform my decision. You were a wealth of knowledge!”
CEO, Technology Security Firm

“The search firm called me first thing Monday morning to tell me three times how excellent the letter was! Always great to work with you. I learn something new every time we connect.”
Candidate for President of Nonprofit Organization

“Just got a new CIO job! Paula, you helped me break out of the brain freeze and get it across the line. I have used our foundation for the last 4 years with great success.”

“I have recently accepted a Managing Director position at a major technology advisory services firm. This is a Partner-level position in the company, so it is the forward that you and I had discussed as my focus in my next role. I will be helping build a new service line within the firm focused on Enterprise Technology, Strategy, and Innovation. It’s a great opportunity for me and provides the type of leadership role I was looking for. I want to thank you for your help in not only recreating my resume but also helping me to think about how I present myself in a different manner. The resume got great reviews, and the table that you built with all my previous project experience generated multiple comments on how effective it was and how it showed my broad background. All the work we put in over the 2 sessions paid off and my resume really had a big impact on how I was received by recruiters. I had interviews with 8 different companies based on their review of my background with this new resume – so that speaks volumes to how effective it was. Thank you from one of your “graduates”, for your help during the start of my process.”
Yellow Brick Path Executive Client

“I have good news! I accepted a terrific job with [major hospital] in Case Management. I could not have done this without your help and expertise. My final interview was with the President of the hospital, and I knew I was prepared after working with you. Thank you!”
Case Management Executive, Major Hospital

“I hadn’t even considered updating my resume or getting ready for a job search effort in more than 20 years, so obviously I had both some trepidation and skepticism about this process. Not being in a state of immediate need made this investment a difficult decision initially. It shouldn’t have been. In fact, I should have done it sooner. My experience with you has resoundingly addressed my initial concerns. I am proud of the resume and bio we created together, and I also feel much more comfortable about where I am today and the prospects for an active search effort, when and if that time comes. I am more relaxed and confident as a result – and that benefits both myself and my current employer.”
CEO, Medical Device Company

“Your strategies and ideas energized me and I greatly appreciate it! You’re the Best!”
CEO, Mid-size Company

“I am so appreciative of how thorough you are in your process.”
Career Transition Client

“Your support has been tremendous. You exceeded my expectations. You are one great coach and person.”
Healthcare Insurance Executive

“I am pleased to report that I started a new role yesterday. I am now the Executive Director of EHR Systems for [a 975+ physician group practice]. I am super excited! I cannot thank you enough for giving me such amazing support!”
Healthcare Management Executive

“Please feel good knowing your excellent help in creating my resume and coaching me played a role in my getting this promotion. This was the very reason for working with you to develop the resume to make this large jump up. It is a significant promotion. You are much appreciated.”
SVP Technology, Financial Services

“My time spent with you was the first time I sat down to really focus on who I was as a professional. The process helped me nail down 65 pages I wrote for my promotion package, which I turned in the day before I was invited to apply to the position at another university. By the time I got to my campus interview, there was no question how everything hung together. I left campus knowing I just got myself the job. Obviously very junior for such a high-level position. When people asked me about the process, I let everyone know how important working with you was. While I don’t think I ever sent the actual resume out, the process was invaluable. Thank you!!”
University Assistant Provost

“Congratulations! I know I am a happy and proud recipient of your services! Rock On, my friend!!”
Rear Admiral USN (Ret.) regarding Yellow Brick Path recognition as US Business News 2018 “Best Career Coaching Firm – Texas”

In response to thank you for referral: “You bet. You did a great job on mine! He has great experience, and you will bring that to life.”
Sales Executive, Technology

“Thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise in helping me complete my resume. Never in a million years could I make my resume as good as you were able to do. You are the best!!!! So thankful I found you.”
Customer Success Executive

“[It’s only been a couple of weeks and] your excellent work has already landed me a telephone interview today with a recruiter for a major U.S.-based CFO for a management consulting firm!”
CFO, Professional Services

“Paula, thank you so much for your time today. You were laser focused even though you spoke in general terms – impressive. Your comments and questions were extremely helpful.”
Sales Executive transitioning to Executive Coaching

“Your work has had exceptional results. Of course, I’ve tweaked here and there depending on the opportunity as you suggested.”
Corp. General Counsel

“I have shared my resume with a few folks with universal positive feedback. Same with LinkedIn.”
Senior Retail Executive, National Department Store Chain

“Although the end document is a great looking resume, there’s as much benefit in going through the process because it forces you to ask questions of yourself and better articulate who you are, where do you want to go, and what do you want to do.”
Digital Sales & Marketing Executive

“Trust me. She will change the way you look at your value when all is said and done.”
Vice President, Customer Relationship Management Services

“Use my bio all the time!”
CIO, Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Company

“I learned so much from working with you. I accepted a position at [a public policy think tank] that allows me to interact with the level of donors that I’ve worked with in the past and be involved with policy instead of the crazy campaign life. I’m not sure I could have dreamed up a more perfect position. Thank you for all your help on my journey.”
Development Officer

“I get great compliments, and it has made me stand out in a pile of resumes.”
CFO, Construction Industry

“I don’t make one move on my resume and bio without you.”
Finance Executive, Oil & Gas

“I feel that the resume truly makes me stand out better than it did before. I very much valued our time together.”
Supply Chain and Manufacturing Executive

“Just had my first 3-hour session with Paula. She is great!”
Principal Engineer, Technology Infrastructure

“I shared my incredible experience working with you with [name, title]…and hope that you will make her an irresistible candidate for her next career. I continue to thank you and acknowledge you for the resume and bio you prepared for me. It continues to impress!”
Treasurer, American Indian Nation

“You helped me with my resume probably two years ago. I know you probably don’t know this but you provided me some advice and guidance that I will never forget and I am very very grateful! You asked me who I was going to share my resume with and when I said I couldn’t think of anyone – you said “I bet for the last 10 years you kept your head down at your desk and just worked hard” – and you know what you were exactly right. From that day forward I have made networking an important part of my life.”
VP, Marketing Global Business Solutions

“The resume did the trick! I was approved as an adjunct professor at the [law school] and will teach a class in the fall.”
Attorney and consultant to law firms on business practices

“I feel absolutely great about the finished product. It represents where I want to go and honors what I’ve done. Thank you for your coaching and candor on how to align my strategy in a somewhat difficult situation.”
Director of Talent Development & Training

“Paula, thank you so much for your time today. You were laser focused even though you spoke in general terms – impressive. Your comments and questions were extremely helpful.”
Sales Executive transitioning to Executive Coaching

“It was great [meet with] you again [to update my resume]. You challenge me, you lift me up and you’ve made an incredible difference in my professional journey.”
Corporate Communications Executive

“Paula Asinof is in a class of her own! What a fantastic experience. Very efficient, on point and most importantly, efficient. I can say without a doubt that Paula helped me create a resume to attract the right attention and put me in the best light possible.”
Division CIO, major airline company

“Thank you for your assistance in helping me look as valuable as I believe that I am.”
Corporate VP of Planning & Allocation, Multi-Channel Retail

“With your expert counsel and insightful input helped me secure an excellent position and clearly articulate my value proposition. The process you and I went through helped me through my career transition with confidence. The experience had a profound impact.”
Business Development Senior Executive, Food Service Industry

“You helped me write an awesome resume. I thought you’d like to know that a couple of the recruiters I worked with have had good things to say about it.”
Financial Executive

“World’s Best Resume!”
Partner, Top Tier Strategy Consulting Firm

“With so much terrible advice floating around, it was refreshing to be given sound, logical guidance. With a seamless and easy to follow process, you’ve provided me a solid resume and bio, and a way to deftly address the often uncomfortable inquiry, “tell me about yourself.” You are truly a genius. I only wish I had found you earlier in my career!”
Senior Management, Real Estate, Asset Management

“Even though it took some time, each one of these steps has led to improved documents but also gave me clarity, helped me vetted out what I want, and ultimately will help me find the right opportunity.”
Senior Operations Executive

“After enduring a lay-off, I found myself staring at four versions of my resume. Not only did Yellow Brick Path help me create a fabulous resume (which landed me the job) but also restored my shattered post-layoff confidence!”
Director of Development, Not-for-Profit Arts Organization

“I found Paula a pleasure to work with and her skills to be unmatched and exactly what I needed.”
Senior Pastor

“The resume process has been a marathon. It’s been a great process.”
VP Merchandise Planning

“When I wake up depressed about having to make a transition at 53 years old, I read my new resume and get re-energized.”
Big 4 Consulting Partner

“[Person who referred me] was dead-on when he said you have a special talent in this area.”
Portfolio Manager and Head of Fixed Income

“I discovered that you helped my partner with his resume. He had great feedback from his interaction with you and was pleased with the outcome to help him with his opportunity search.”
Account Management Executive

“I want to thank you for helping me out. Creating my resume took some time and work, but at the end it was the personal touch that impressed me, and left me in awe with my finished resume. I am so happy I found Yellow Brick Path!”
Client Relations Director, Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Services

“I submitted my resume and cover letter a couple of days ago and have been invited to an interview next month. Thank you.”
President & CEO, well known not-for-profit organization

“My resume looks absolutely wonderful. It has been a real pleasure and learning experience.”
Senior Healthcare Executive

“I have found this process to be inspirational. It’s a very impressive process.”
HR Executive

“Thanks very much for giving me this experience, which has become more than just writing a Bio. I have always shied away from documenting myself in any positive way. You have taught me how to do that with grace and without arrogance.”
IT Executive

“I am getting GREAT feedback. One person said that the opening [of my resume and bio] was so me that he would have known it was me without seeing my name!”
Director, Marketing Communications

“You’d think someone in my position, knowing what I do about marketing, could do this for myself. Now it seems so clear, but I couldn’t do it without your help.”
Fortune 500 Marketing Director

“The feedback on my resume has been incredible. One top executive told me that he has seen thousands of resumes, and this is one of the best he has ever seen. It just screams added value!”
Sports Media General Manager

“Today’s session re-energized me. I am reassured that, with your coaching, I can reconnect with the work I both love and to which I believe I add genuine value. I thank you for re-introducing me to my professional self.”
Vice President, Corporate Communications

“I was most impressed with your creativity in displaying my accomplishments so it was easy for viewers to gravitate to them with a quick glance. Your unique ability to ask challenging questions and develop powerful statements on paper translated to my successful career transition.”
Commercial Real Estate Executive

“You were awesome! It was the best all around work I’ve ever been associated with.”
Managing Partner, Global Consulting Firm

“When I was reworking a business model for my company, I hired Paula to help me create a powerful business bio, which is really a resume for me in my business. The results were beyond my wildest imagination! Paula knew exactly how to present my talents to the marketplace.”
President, Insurance Consulting Firm

“Working with Paula was an incredible experience. I didn’t understand the importance of my Professional Bio. It’s really the Resume for me and my small business. The process was stimulating, thought provoking, and ultimately produced exactly the results I was looking for.”
President, Social Media Consulting Firm

“We have a winner in the bio. Many thanks for your help.”
President, Private Investment Firm, Former Midsize Company CEO

“I continue to get raving reviews from your work (from the people I have referred to you).”
Managing Director, Business Consulting Firm and Former CIO

“It was an enlightening experience.”
Real Estate Development Executive

“You are a rock star! Thanks again.”
Executive and Leadership Coach, Former Commercial Real Estate Executive

“Thank you for the wonderful work you did for me. I love the resume.”
Employee Financial Education Executive

“It was a pleasure to work with you. I’ll certainly keep you front-of-mind for references.”
Global PR Agency President

“I’ve received lots of great feedback and have a 2nd interview today. Thanks for all your help.”
Retail Marketing Executive

“Paula is a tremendously gifted coach and business-savvy professional. I have found that she consistently provides clear insights into thorny business problems and gives actionable advice. She is also direct and to-the-point, traits that I personally value.”
Asset Protection & Loss Control Executive

“I want to let you know that I was recently promoted to vice president and received a huge raise, bonus, and stock. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all of your help.”
VP Software Solutions

“My bio and resume have been put to use very well. I approach opportunities with confidence thanks to my well prepared documents.”
Telecom Product Marketing Executive

“My bio continues to be useful. Your work is excellent.”
Top Woman in Technology Award Winner

“I accepted a new position today. Thanks to you, I believe my new professional resume coupled with your interview coaching helped me win this job.”
IT Director

“You surely helped me in a time of great need! I’ve referred a few really good people and hope I’ve helped grow your business.”
Global Corporate Real Estate Executive

“Working with you was very valuable, and in this major transition in my life, I am very glad to have the benefit of your expertise.”
Managing Director & Head of Software Client Services

“I finally got into Commercial Real Estate with a great company. Thank you for all your help. You definitely made my resume look awesome! Now that I have left my old job, I can write you a long-deserved recommendation on LinkedIn.”
Commercial Real Estate Account Executive

“Paula Asinof focuses on results that pay off quickly. She is an invaluable resource for executives looking for a change as well as those needing assistance in getting to the next level.”
President, HR Consulting Firm

“Thank you for your help and expertise! I love my resume. You are the best!”
Senior HR Executive

“I would never have gotten these high profile interviews without Yellow Brick Path’.”
VP, International Operations

“My resume got 100% callbacks when I submitted it THANKS!!!!”
VP, Global Sales Operations

“Thanks for working with us on the recent successful transition of three employees out of our organization. We were all impressed with how quickly these employees were ready to make the transition feeling prepared and empowered.”
VP, Human Resources

“I have told several people about how great you are. At my interview yesterday all 3 VP’s that I spoke with had my resume out and highlighted. Very impressive! I got an offer. Your resume set me up for success.”
Regional Marketing Director

“Thank you for such an engaging and productive consultation. You’ve provided me with the necessary tools to ensure that my resume will gain me entry to future employers decision makers.”
Aerospace Engineering Executive

“Thank you so much. The resume was delivered to me yesterday and with some minor touches I was able to get it out the door by lunch today [in time to meet the deadline]. The resume writer did a fantastic job by taking all my information I provided and put it together in a better format.”
Senior Executive, Information Technology

“Thanks again for all of your help these past weeks. You’ve really made a difference.”
Director, Financial Planning and Operations

“Thanks Paula. I like your ideas and your energy!!!”
SVP Sales and General Manager

“They looked at my resume, and they called in 5 minutes.”
Director, Worldwide Sales Operations

“The experience has provided a laser focus on my career history inclusive of all my great accomplishments.”
Director of Alliances

“Thank you. I am really pleased with the work we did together. I hope to be able to recommend you in the future.”
Mining Company Controller

“Thanks again for your help and support to pull together a fabulous resume. I am very proud of my accomplishments and how they’re described in the resume.”
Consumer Package Goods, Marketing Executive

“I really enjoyed our resume writing meeting. I feel good about the results”
Big 4 Tax Partner

“I really appreciate your help and found your services to be everything I hoped for and more. I would certainly recommend this path to others!”
Pharmacy Marketing Director

“I found your services to be everything I hoped for and more.”
Pharmacy Marketing Director.