Yellow Brick Path has confidentiality agreements with its clients and therefore no names are provided with these testimonials. We assure you that they are from real clients, most provided in writing, and have not been fabricated for marketing purposes.

We must be doing something right…

“This looks great – very well done!”
From a recruiter at Korn Ferry regarding a Yellow Brick Path client’s Board documents

“I had to send you this one -line feedback from <executive I referred to you>…. ‘Paula was a dream to work with.’ That is clear and to the point!….no surprise here. He is a very capable leader, and I knew you could assist him in framing out an updated, enhanced resume/bio.”
Executive Search Recruiting Partner

“I made a little change or two and sent to recruiter. She loved it! Said ‘excellent, excellent resume’. Thank you. Thank you.”
Group President, Fortune 50 Healthcare Company

“My compliments on the amazing job done on the resumes of two people I referred to you]. Absolutely fantastic work!!!”
Global Client Services Executive

“My executive coach felt the resume was fantastic. He was impressed with your work.”
Executive Coach of Oncology Physician Executive

“This version is a 10. Your past version was a 3. The new <YBP written> version is powerful and impressive.”
Sr. HR Consultant who reviewed YBP CIO client resume

“I was recently contacted by a retained search firm for an executive level position. The Managing Partner/Recruiter was impressed with my resume and stated that it read extremely well and quickly highlighted my credentials. As a result, I am one of his top two candidates for the role.”
Procurement Executive

“I appreciate how well you have guided my client into this next level of experience through the resume and bio development process.”
Executive Coach

“YOU are a real Pro!!”
Executive Search Recruiter

“Your resume looks great. I’ll keep you in mind as I hear of CFO opportunities.”
Public Company Audit Committee Chair

“This is simply an outstanding resume and reflects the person I know.”
Executive Coach

“I think this resume is one of the best I’ve seen as a hiring manager.”
HR Executive who reviewed YBP HR client resume

“Always happy to send people your way. They have given you great reviews for getting them to focus on how they need to develop a resume that leads them into the new avenues they are seeking.”
Referral Source

“The executive I referred to you sang your praises for the help you gave him.”
Executive Search Partner, Multi-Office National Firm

“Great job on the resume of the executive I referred. He said you made him work, but from my perspective it was worth it. Now he won’t get screened out prematurely.”
Executive Search Recruiter, Information Technology

“[Board of Directors Candidate] has wonderful experience and a killer resume.”
Corporate Board Liaison

“Thanks for your excellent, expert advice for my godson.”
Board of Directors Member

“I just got off the phone with the prospective candidate you recommended. I told him he has one of the best resume I have ever seen, like all those that get your help!”
Executive Search Partner, Top Dallas Firm

“My client thanked me twice for connecting you two. He said that after he worked on his resume with you, he got a ton of calls from recruiters.”
Executive Search Recruiter

“I think it’s as good a resume as is humanly possible to create.”
Senior Executive who reviewed a client’s resume

“Paula Asinof is the best known and wisest executive communication guru in the Dallas area. She consults with top executives and mere mortals (like me) to craft resumes, bios and professional introductions that put people in the best light and showcase their accomplishments.”
Executive Search Recruiter

“I have worked with Paula on several engagements. I recommend her as someone who knows how to create and spin even the most complicated or challenging resume. I send all my executive resume clients to her. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”
Executive Coach

“I sent my resume to a recruiter and received a compliment that I had a great resume. Thank you for taking my resume from ‘bordering on horrible’ to ‘great’.
Revenue Management Executive

“I think [your Board bio] is excellent!”
Executive Client’s Mentor

“I recently heard from [executive], and he was very pleased with your work for him.”
Executive Search Recruiter

“My candidate’s resume looks fantastic – you did an incredible job!”
Executive Search Consultant

“I looked over your new resume and I think it looks great. You have all the information that a recruiter would want to see before calling you. So, bottom line is I would call you for a job!”
Recruiter reviewing a YBP Client Resume

“Paula Asinof is a great asset as a business partner. As an executive search consultant, I rely on her to develop position descriptions and candidate profiles. She is smart, quick, and intuitive and excellent at guiding structured thinking.”
Executive Search Partner

“I spoke with [referral to Yellow Brick Path] today about his job search today. He said you were without doubt one of the really bright spots.”
Executive Search Recruiter