Board Member Testimonials

Board Member Testimonials

Yellow Brick Path has confidentiality agreements with its clients and therefore no names are provided with these testimonials. We assure you that they are from real clients, most provided in writing, and have not been fabricated for marketing purposes.

We must be doing something right…

“My pleasure [to make these referrals]. I appreciate the unique and valuable service you offer.”
President of National Executive Search Firm & Board Search Practice Leader

“This looks great – very well done!”
From a recruiter at Korn Ferry regarding a Yellow Brick Path client’s Board documents

“I talked to Paula about doing my Board Bio and Resume, but starting up my company has been more demanding than I thought it would be, so I have delayed pursuing a board position at this time and using her services. I will use her services when I am ready to pursue a board position. I was impressed by the process that she uses.”
Business Development Executive, Technology

“In this incredibly competitive and opaque job market, professional materials that tell a compelling story can break through the noise. Paula flawlessly orchestrates these materials into a story worth reading. She is without fail my best secret to career progression.”
Private Equity Operating Partner and Board Director

“It’s been just phenomenal working with Paula on my Board Bio. In addition to her deep knowledge and highly organized approach, I am already seeing the impact of her work. Within days of finalizing board bio, I had already sent it out literally hundreds of times, and have already landed 4 board director interviews.”
Chief Marketing Officer & Board Director Candidate

“This was a great experience, and the document is a much better version of my bio now. I would have never been able to come up with any of this on my own. I want to thank you again for your help and additional insights that you had shared with me for next steps. I am sure we will be working in the future again.”
Board of Directors Candidate

“Couldn’t ask for a better response. I recently participated on a call with my regional [leadership] group and brought up the fact that I completed my Board bio. A fellow [member] who has been on 12 corporate boards said she would be willing to look at my bio. She promptly replied by saying I had a very attractive bio and that she was going to forward to [a global investment firm] where she is a board member as well as 2 headhunters!”
Board of Directors Candidate

“It’s the bio!”
Board of Directors upon Board appointment responding to congratulatory note from Paula Asinof

“Paula was wonderful. She took the time to understand my objectives, concerns and the audiences I interact with, then worked with me till it the bio was just right. This is my second time working with Paula and I will continue to do so going forward.”
Board Member, Technology Companies

“Standing ovation on overall experience and outright winner 12 out 10 Rating. Six platinum awards for assisting me. I enjoyed it immensely!”
Entertainment Company President & Board of Directors Candidate

“I’m glad that the Forum is going to have you featured in their webinar. I know that [the facilitator] is one of your clients, and I’m happy that she will be moderating it. Thank you again for referring so many talented people to our program.”
Executive Director, University-based Corporate Governance Institute

“Paula’s clear, practical process for creating a board bio is impressive. Not only that, I enjoyed the time we spent exploring the skills, achievements and passions which form the foundations of my bio. I came away energized and eager to have friends and family provide feedback – which has been hugely positive.”
Board Director candidate

Client to referral source: “I told Paula that you had endorsed her to me by saying that she was highly instructive in helping you to see and articulate the value, context and impact of your work. And in doing so, especially as a female, gave you the confidence to speak to others about your contributions as they truly existed.”
Multiple Board of Directors Member

“I went through Paula’s process for building both a Board Bio and resume. Her process is interactive, smart, and produces an excellent product. Paula is intuitive and helped me focus both my Board Bio and resume to my advantage. She exceeded my expectations, and I am very happy with the end result.”
Former CEO and Board of Directors Candidate

“Thanks so much for your help [with my bio]. What an unexpectedly easy process!”
Board of Directors Member

“I am quite impressed with the process and approach to writing the Board Bio and resume. I believe both documents have captured my achievements and responsibilities accurately and portray the essence of me. The process to get to the end result has been informative and you have made such a daunting task relatively painless.”
Former EVP & Chief Merchant, major retail company and Board of Directors candidate

“The process you used to assist in the re-design of my resume was thought provoking, efficient, and resulted in a compelling communication tool. Additionally, the feedback loop you recommended and we used to improve the final product was outstanding and made a difference on the end result.”
Corporate Executive and Board of Director Candidate

“Your help on my Board Bio has given me a new confidence. Husband and dad were impressed, and it passed the “page 34” (from Be Sharp book) test with flying colors.”
Board of Directors Candidate

“Thank you for your guidance and help in co-creating my first Board bio! I’m please with the outcome and looking forward to next steps.”
Board of Directors Candidate

“I keep pointing people your way for their bios and they are thrilled when done”
Board of Directors Member

“It was a pleasure working with you, and you can count on me to recommend you to everyone I talk to.”
Strategy & Business Development Executive, Board of Directors Member

“All the feedback I’ve received from my resume has been extremely positive”
Board of Directors Candidate