About Yellow Brick PathAbout Yellow Brick Path Career Management Coaching Services

Committed to our Clients’ Success

Career management and coaching services have experienced rapid growth over the past few years. Prospective clients ask us, “How are you different from other companies and the services they provide.” The strength of the Yellow Brick Path brand has brought us recognition in this crowded market as a boutique firm delivering some of the best and most actionable guidance in the industry.

The Yellow Brick Path Brand Promise

    • We Meet (and Try to Exceed) Client Expectations: We start by understanding the client’s desired outcome. We are clear about what we can and can’t do. We unbundle our services and don’t “sell” services to clients that they don’t need or want. If we can’t help, we do our best to provide options and/or referrals. We scope our engagements and define timelines and clear milestones, defined in days and weeks not months. We deliver on our commitments.


    • We are Responsive: We respond to inquiries and communicate during an engagement on a timely basis. We are present with the clients, stay tuned-in to their goals and allow them to make decisions based on a discussion of risks and rewards relative to their desired outcomes. We do not tell people what to do but rather facilitate their thinking based on our knowledge of the issue.


    • We Deliver Quality Work and Stand Behind It: We are well-educated, deeply experienced and certified subject matter experts. We support a variety of client needs by moving the client from one of us to another to provide the best possible service. Our services are customized; we are not a factory with an assembly line. We stay current with industry trends and have pioneered some approaches and methodologies that are unique in the field.


  • We Make Communication a Priority: Because we are a team that cares about our clients’ total experience and personal success, we make communication with clients and each other an important part of what we do. We have a long history of working together as independent providers supporting our collective brand. We know that our model while a little unorthodox is highly valued and beneficial for our clients.