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Executive Resumes North Dallas


How do I choose the best professional resume service for me?


Your resume is your marketing collateral. The more involved you are, the better the resume will serve you in your job search.


Choose Yellow Brick Path for your resume if you want:


  • A professional resume that truly “speaks” to your target audience
  • The basis for your messages for networking and interviewing
  • A professional resume process that helps you have clear focus on your future
  • One-on-one personal attention with a skilled career coach
  • Expert executive resume advice from a prior executive and recruiter
  • Option of working on your resume in-person, by telephone, or both


Choose someone else if you want:


  • Someone else to write your resume based on a brief interview
  • Advice from someone who learned to write resumes in a course
  • A resume created by filling in the blanks on a template
  • A typing service


We provide executive and professional resumes throughout the nation and also specialize in the North Dallas area and surrounding cities.