Professional Testimonials

Professional Testimonials

Yellow Brick Path has confidentiality agreements with its clients and therefore no names are provided with these testimonials. We assure you that they are from real clients, most provided in writing, and have not been fabricated for marketing purposes.

We must be doing something right…

“I wanted to let you know I accepted a new job yesterday. Ultimately I had 10 interviews for this position and with each conversation my new resume was reviewed. And with each conversation there were no questions about my skills because they had a confidence in my abilities through reading the resume. Thanks for everything.”
Hotel Sales & Marketing Management

“I’ll never forget Paula. After being ripped off for almost a thousand dollars by another person, the phone wasn’t ringing and times looked bleak. I emailed my resume to Paula and asked if she would review it and let me know if anything was wrong with it. Paula responded that it looked fine. She said, ‘We would normally charge $500 to create a resume but yours is fine just the way it is.’ There’s nothing quite like integrity.”
Prospective client

“I’ve received a lot of really nice comments on your work. I had my resume reviewed by an industry executive who shared with me that I definitely got my $$$$$ worth.”
Branch Manager, Global Logistics

“Thanks to your coaching landing [the job] was a breeze. I was subsequently promoted to build and manage a technical business development team across Asia. Best job ever! (Have looked at close to 100 resumes in the process and wish I could send them all your way!)”
Technical Business Development Executive, Network Security

“Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me. I feel like my resume is now eye catching and paints the picture of who I am as a candidate. I have learned so much from not only speaking on the phone with you, but also reading the articles and blogs on your website.”
Corporate Compensation Analyst

“My appointment with you several years ago has proven over and over again a great investment.”
Interior Design Project Manager

“I truly enjoyed working with you. You hit the nail on the head when we spoke of connecting the dots.”
Supply Chain & Procurement Manager

“Recently I heard about an exciting job posting. I was sure I could do the job, but having spent over a decade as an entrepreneur, I hadn’t written a resume (or been interviewed) in over 16 years. After 2 meetings with Paula, starting with a totally blank resume, I had an excellent resume. I emailed it to a few friends, and with their suggestions, made little changes here and there, then emailed the finished resume to the hiring manager. Two days later, I got a phone interview. A couple of days after that, when I went in for the in-person interview, they spent most of the time selling me on the team and the firm and the job — they had already decided to hire me from the resume and the phone interview. I had been trying for almost a year to write that resume on my own and got nowhere. Without Paula, I would not have had the confidence to apply for the job, and I would likely still have a blank resume.” Senior Financial Analyst, Financial Services

“I received a telephone call within 48 hours from the targeted company. They even told me the usual preliminary phone call had been waived and asked me when it would be convenient for me to come by and see the head of the sales hiring department! Which means they waved the two other “preliminary” interviews! I sincerely believe this is a result of your expertise! My guess is there a plethora of “successful track record” resumes who never catch anyone’s attention due to ignorance concerning the proper methods of resume composition, specific tailoring, and delivery. I believe the money and time was very well spent! You’re a pro – and pros aren’t cheap – but always pay for themselves.”
Sales Representative

“I feel like I’m walking out of here with a tool that I can use for the future – It’s not a one-time thing. It’s going to have a life. I appreciate you giving me ownership of some of the work so I learned what we did to make my resume construction successful now and in the future.”
Healthcare Solutions Project Manager

“Thank you for your invaluable assistance in helping me attain not only one but two managerial sales positions with two different companies. One only recommends products and services that REALLY work to friends and family.”
International Channel Development Manager who referred a friend to Yellow Brick Path

“I’m so excited. I’m now presenting myself instead of defending myself as a result of this process.”
Program Coordinator, Not-for-Profit Housing

“Wow, I would never have gotten here by myself.”
Senior Manager, FP&A, Major Energy Company

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with you. I am amazed at how impressive I am now!”
Construction Manager and Owner’s Representative, Shopping Mall REIT

“This is the real deal! Not just a regular resume writer.”
Senior Institutional Account Executive, Financial Services

“I am very pleased and will recommend you.”
Territory Manager, Agricultural Products & Crop Nutrients

“I’ll never forget Paula. After being ripped off for almost a thousand dollars by another person, the phone wasn’t ringing and times looked bleak. I emailed my resume to Paula and asked if she would review it and let me know if anything was wrong with it. Paula responded that it’s fine. She said, ‘ We would normally charge $500 to create a resume but yours is fine just the way it is. ‘There’s nothing quite like integrity.”
Prospective Client

“Your insights were an eye-opener. I always thought that my positions were more entry-level and you helped me add more value-added abilities to enhance my leadership skills.”
Financial Services Business Analyst

“What a great job [on Continuing Education workshop on resume preparation for Disability Career Advisors at a major insurance company]! I know there was a lot to cover and such little time, but the teams were impressed and welcomed your insight.”
National Account Manager

“Great job on my bio!!!! Feel free to share it with your clients.”
Dental Products Regional Sales Representative

“Thanks for helping me create my best resume ever. Working back and forth we developed a fantastic marketing took with components I had never seen before. Just 5 weeks after working with you, I had 2 job offers based on my new profile on LinkedIn.”
Marketing Manager

“Thank you for all your help. It was a great experience, and I am very very happy with the finished result.”
Film Director/Scriptwriter

“I’ve gotten so many compliments on my new and improved resume. Everyone is very impressed with it, and I’ve gotten interviews for almost every job for which I’ve applied. Money well spent!”
Data Analyst, Retail Banking

“Paula has been instrumental in my career as I have consistently gotten the jobs I have gone after because she has guided my resume and bio to be exceptionally well done.”
Information Technology Project Manager

“I’ve gotten nothing but compliments on my resume”
Retail Apparel Territory Manager

“I am having some promising conversations with an executive recruiter. I can confidently say that none of this would have occurred without the work you did on my resume.”
HR Manager

“I am delighted with the results of our sessions together. Since our last meeting, I have been approached by a recruiter with an opportunity to join a boutique firm here in the local area.”

“Paula, thank you so much for your time over the past several weeks helping me to create a professional resume that I am so very proud of!!!”
Hi-tech Operations & Service Center Manager

“Thank you again for your time with me. I feel refocused and refreshed.”
Interior Designer

“My resume really generated a lot of interest. I received many calls and got several interviews just from it. I have accepted an offer in a role perfectly aligned with my resume.”
Global Continuous Improvement Manager

“Thank you so much for your coaching. It has been an invaluable experience and has given me the roadmap that I needed.”
Sr. Sales Executive, Property & Casualty Insurance

“I gained so much insight into myself through working on my resume, interviewing, and bio.”
Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager

“Paula should be your first stop with any career transition decision. She is in tune with the needs of business executives. Whether it is a simple review of your resume structure or an in-depth career consultation, she will help you move on.”
Senior Sales Representative, Insurance Industry

“I’ve accepted a new position. Thanks again for the great resume and encouragement.”
Business Analyst

“Thank you so much for my resume. It looks great!”
Medical Research Laboratory Technician

“My resume is much easier on the eyes. I appreciate your taking the time and working with me to produce it, which came out very well”
Telecom Strategic Account Manager

“I won the contract. Thanks for all your help.”
IT Professional

“Your formatting went over very well in my ‘test market'”
Commercial and Institutional Construction Key Account Manager