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Misconceptions about Resumes

If you think your resume isn’t getting the job done for you, it might be because you don’t understand resumes.

The World According to Recruiters

Otherwise savvy business people are frequently confused or angered by their experiences with recruiters. In large part, this is because they have not looked closely at the recruiting industry’s basic business and compensation models.

The Grass is Not Always Greener: Corporate Executive or Consultant?

Every time the economy expands or dips, executives who are tired, bored, displaced, or in search of above-market earnings come out of the barn in droves looking for greener pastures. Meanwhile, consultants looking for financial stability have thoughts of going corporate. Consultants are often confident of their abilities to lead organizations. Unfortunately, grazing in the other greener pasture is more complicated than it seems on the surface.

Headshots: How to make a great first and lasting impression

In today’s internet-driven world, your professional headshot brings energy to your personal brand. Here’s how to get it right.

When to Use a Bio vs a Resume

There are several good reasons to use a bio before or instead of a resume.

The Board Bio: Getting into the Game

An outline of the world of board members as well as the process of becoming one.

Bios for Prospective Board Members

Excerpted from BE SHARP: “Tell Me About Yourself” in Great Introductions and Professional Bios, Paula Asinof and Mina Brown, 2018

So You’re Thinking of Joining a Public Company Board

Candidates for directorships on public company boards have much to consider. The decision to join a board involves a great deal of due diligence and preparation, and a careful evaluation of the risk/reward tradeoffs. Authored by David A. Katz and posted in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance in 2016.

Analyzing Public Company Board Seat Opportunities

Authored by Small-Cap Institute 2020. “Conspicuously lost in the dialogue about getting a coveted public company board seat is how to decide whether to accept one if it is offered.”

What’s Wrong with Resumes of Recent Graduates?

The problem with most new graduate resumes is they try to look like resumes for experienced people
with years of work history. Employers are primarily interested in a graduate’s potential—knowledge,
skills, and leadership capabilities, not many of the part time jobs used to help fund their education.

IDPs: Talent Development’s Superglue

Individual development plans (IDPs) bond employees and their organization as they pursue mutual goals. They are useful regardless of the enterprise’s approach and system for talent management.

Impacts of Robots and Jobs

Discussion of the growing use of robots in the workplace as a disrupting force on the economic and job creation. An article by Terry H. Schwadron posted on ConvergenceRI with commentary by editorial staff of ConvergenceRI.

Recruiting in different markets

Articles I come across covering different niche markets and tips to get ahead.


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