In today’s world of business and particularly for job search, the LinkedIn profile has become an essential.

It is often the 1st place recruiters go to find candidates – in fact LinkedIn offers a special service for recruiters searching the LinkedIn database – as well as where job searchers go to look for connections. It is also used by anyone that wants to find out about an individual, for example, before an interview or a before a business event, before the actual meeting takes place.

Currently, our LinkedIn services are only offered to clients that we have worked with on their resumes.

We focus on helping you create a professional presence on LinkedIn. In other words, will you look good to someone who looks you up by your name or finds you in some other way. This is not about “being found” but about “looking good”.

LinkedIn Service Details

LinkedIn profile services are performed after the resume and/or bio are complete and typically takes about a week. Our LinkedIn specialist will:

  • Properly format your profile according to good LinkedIn practices
  • Rename the LinkedIn hyperlink/URL to eliminate the confusing numbers and letters that LinkedIn initially assigns, keeping it as close to your name as possible
  • Write an eye-catching headline to get you noticed by your target audience
  • Craft your Summary section, utilizing appropriate, industry-relevant keywords and descriptions
  • Ensure the dates and company names (so that company logos display) in your employment history are formatted in a LinkedIn-friendly way (that won’t harm your chances of being seen)
  • Use relevant keywords throughout your profile, strategically placed to be visible in the limited view of Recruiter Corporate, as well as in all other LinkedIn searches
  • Adjust settings to avoid inadvertently advertising other candidates with similar qualifications
  • Turn on “Career Interests: Let Recruiters Know You’re Open” on your dashboard if you are exploring opportunities – this is visible only to recruiters using LinkedIn tools and not to the general population of people reading your profile
  • Join 5 LinkedIn Groups to help increase your network and visibility
  • Customize the banner with a unique image (optional)
  • Add any media items/links that you provide to enhance the profile’s interest to the reader (optional)


eBook: Utilizing LinkedIn to Get Found that includes

  • The Importance of LinkedIn
  • Quick LinkedIn Tips
  • 5 Easy Ways to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn
  • What a Good Profile Summary Looks Like
  • 4 Tips for Taking a Professional Headshot
  • 5 Things to Tell the Photographer

Other Recommendations

Professional headshot: A new professional headshot is essential is essential for your LinkedIn profile and you may need a new one. For interested clients, we have a skilled photographer as part of our team. See profile under Team for Lee Ann Baker.

Disclaimer: The LinkedIn® logo is a trademarked image and solely owned by and registered to the LinkedIn Corporation. Neither Yellow Brick Path nor its team members are affiliated with the LinkedIn Corporation or offer services on their behalf.