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“Have a Board quality Bio! It is ever so important. The bio needs to clearly articulate value to the Board. This is not the same as a speaker bio.”
– Member, Board of Directors and Nominating Committee

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“We corresponded last year regarding our desire to share two of your articles with attendees at our Break into the Boardroom program, which is designed to promote gender diversity in the boardroom. You provided your OK, which was much appreciated. They were very well received and we’d like to share them again with this year’s class.”

Looking to join an organization’s Board but do not know where to begin? Preparing your Board bio is an important first step! Applying for a Board position is not the same as applying for an executive position. It has its own unique process and that process may vary from Board search to Board search.

A well-crafted Board Bio is your voice through the early stages of the selection process.
It should summarize your value proposition and how you help fill the Board’s needs.

The search committee needs brief, focused information as it sifts through candidate information and discusses prospects. They want something they can reference quickly. You want to stay “front of mind” as candidates float to the top of the group being considered.

The Board Bio speaks for you in the initial selection process.

This is where your Board Bio works for you. It summarizes what you have to offer in a single page that can be quickly referenced during these discussions. Resumes, while sometimes used, more often come into play later in the process. This makes having a professional and well-tuned Bio all the more important!

“Speak to your audience and give them what they need!”
– Member, Board of Directors and Nominating Committee

If you are applying for a Board position, the professionals at Yellow Brick Path can help you develop a Board Bio around your unique value that gives you an edge in the selection process.

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