Yellow Brick Path marks 10-year anniversary with a makeover

It’s hard to believe that Yellow Brick Path and its team of consultants and coaches have been serving clients for a decade in defining their career paths, presenting themselves professionally, gaining visibility, and finding their next jobs. During that time, the focus of the company has evolved, the job search and recruiting marketplace has changed and become more complex, and the opportunities to serve clients has dramatically expanded.

So, what’s next?

Starting on October 1, 2017, Yellow Brick Path and its team will focus exclusively on the Executive market, including Board of Directors candidates. Services include career coaching, resume and bio development, LinkedIn profiles reviews, interview preparation, offer evaluation, compensation negotiation and if desired referral to a photographer in the Dallas area for a professional headshot.

The Professional market will be handled by Professional Progressions Consulting whose president and principal consultant, Lezlie Garr, has been a member of the Yellow Brick Path team for several years. Lezlie and her team will work with students/new grads, young professionals, experienced professionals, mid- and entry level managers, and senior managers on resumes, interviewing, and career guidance. Professional Progressions provides not only personalized service but also cost-effective technology-driven options and career materials.

How do I know who to contact?

As a quick rule of thumb, Yellow Brick Path clients are willing and able to spend more than $1,000 on a resume and invest several hours of their time in the process. (Certain specific offerings such as Board bios, resume updates, individual career coaching sessions, and professional headshots are less). Professional Progressions clients are interested in spending less than $500 on a resume – and possibly as little as $99. Yellow Brick Path works with clients in multi-hour interactive meetings with clients locally in-person and nationally by phone. Professional Progressions team members write resumes by gathering information and consulting with clients on progress by phone and/or email. The Yellow Brick Path process typically takes 3 – 5 weeks; Professional Progressions is usually 1 – 2 weeks and as little 24 hours for its $99 resume offering. Contact information for Yellow Brick Path and for Professional Progressions will be on the Yellow Brick Path website.

What else is new?

In conjunction with Professional Progressions, executive clients who have developed their resumes with Yellow Brick Path can have their baseline LinkedIn profiles developed and/or updated to align with their new resumes. In addition, together we have just launched an exciting new offering for executives who need a basic resume quickly (one week or less) for a specific purpose such as responding to a recruiter’s call – at a very attractive price. We are getting rave reviews from our clients on this service.

Looking ahead to the next 5 years….

We are all thrilled with this transition and look forward to continuing to serve our clients with the quality they have come to expect and guidance aligned with the most current market trends.