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be sharp book coverBe Sharp

Tell Me About Yourself” in Great Introductions and Professional Bios

By Paula Asinof and Mina Brown

Business today moves fast. And it’s unforgiving. When you have an opportunity to meet someone or present yourself for the first time, you create such a lasting impression, good or bad, that it’s difficult and maybe impossible to change. Few people have so much personality and self-confidence that they can pull off a flawless personal introduction without any preparation or thought.

Most of the pitches we hear today are just plan awful. They are awkward, boring, irrelevant, too long, too short, cliche-ridden, stiff, rehearsed and humorless.

What keeps you from introducing yourself with ease and confidence?
Why is introducing yourself so hard?
Which of the four common mistakes do you make?

Be Sharp presents a clear methodology and easy-to-use tools that can help anyone develop their own unique introduction. It is an easy step from there to writing a professional bio and compelling resume.

Be Sharp will empower you in all your business and personal introductions