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You have a resume that truly speaks to your target audience

You focus on the future and your potential contribution
Readers engage with you at a glance by your resume

Most of the resumes writing service providers don’t get it right

Yellow Brick Path routinely “makes over” resumes from
resume writers, outplacement, and college career services

What if you just need a resume? Now!

  • Competing for an internal promotion? A spot in a leadership program?
  • Got a call from a recruiter who wants your resume right away?
  • Have an interview in 3 days and your resume needs attention?
  • Know your resume from the school’s career office just isn’t right?

You need to take advantage of this opportunity!

  • Executives: Work with an experienced career coach who can help you quickly create a high impact resume that captures the qualities and capabilities that set you apart from your peers. Have a resume that gets attention.

  • Professionals: Get the benefit of our expert guidance. Templates and many resume services can make your document look pretty. But will it present you and your experience well? Have a resume you can be proud of.
  • Recent Graduates: Confused? Frustrated? Not sure what you need to do? We can help you showcase your education, your internship experience, and your campus leadership so employers immediately see the value you will bring. You can stand out from the crowd.


Yellow Brick Path’s Approach For Resume Writing

  • Receive one-on-one personal attention, in person (Dallas area) or by phone
  • Get advice from resume experts with deep business and recruiting knowledge
  • Focus on the future and specific alignment with your audience about your resume
  • Clearly display your unique capabilities and value that are the foundation for your resume, networking, and interviewing
  • Create documents that you can easily adapt for specific situations
  • Create professional resumes that showcase the right information in the right way

The Other Approach For Resume Writing

  • Provide your information through written documents, on a form, or in a brief interview
  • Get a resume written by someone who learned to write resumes in a course or maybe isn’t trained at all and often doesn’t have a sophisticated business background
  • Focus on the past and on lists of core competencies or industry/functional keywords that make you like everyone else
  • Receive documents using formatted templates that are often difficult to change
  • And sometimes, only obtain typing support to pretty up the look of the document

Yellow Brick Path Makes Your Resume RIGHT

Professional quality resume or executive resume writing services by Yellow Brick Path will put you ahead of the competition. Our services are available in Dallas, Arlington, Plano, Fort Worth Texas and throughout the U.S.

Resume Smarts

If you think your resume isn't getting the job done for you, it might be because you don't understand resumes.

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