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Closing the interview

The question “why should I select you over any of the others?” rises from the candidate’s boss and hiring executive wants to be confident the selected candidate will let him/her “sleep better at night”

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The Executive Role: Is It For You? – Pete Bradshaw

The Executive Role: Is It For You? In 1985, I had the opportunity to participate in a leadership development and coaching program led by Howard Holt “Pete” Bradshaw of Organization Consultants Inc., who died in 2012 after a long career providing counsel to business leaders. At one point during the program, he asked the participants […]

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Reflections of an Executive, Tom Lysaught

Report Card Questions: Reflections of an Executive This is an excerpt from the President’s address to the GTE Directories Corporation (GTEDC) Senior Management Conference in 1985.  GTE became part of Verizon and its telephone directories division was later spun off. This address is a timeless classic that has never lost its relevance or power for […]

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