Showcasing Board Experience in a Bio or Resume

My foray into working with board members was with board candidates, often individuals looking to join their first board. As my client base in this area has expanded, the need to present the work that a board member has done while serving on a board has increased.

The solution, it turns out, is straightforward. Treat it as a job. On a resume, it would fall after the most current job if the individual is employed or be the first job if the person is no longer employed, for example retired. If the person is serving on multiple boards, it is a matter of making sense out of the information, just as is necessary in structuring employment history.

On the bio, if an individual has notable Board experience, it might include a paragraph like the one below. Its placement in the bio will depend on its importance and relationship to the purpose of the bio and how it fits into the overall career progression.

“Since 20xx, [name] has been a member of the Board of Directors of ABC International, where he currently chairs the Nominating & Governance Committee, serves on the Compensation and Executive Committees, and previously served on the Audit Committee. In the decade he has served, ABC has made a well-managed CEO transition, grown organically and through acquisition, diversified its portfolio and expanded its geographic footprint.”