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Yellow Brick Path Authored Books

Be Sharp: “Tell Me About Yourself” in Great Introductions and Professional Bios

Can You Tell Me About Yourself…? How many times are you invited to introduce yourself? Beyond being the most common interview question by far, it is also the most important opening salvo when meeting anyone for the first time. And still, people don’t have their responses ready to go. Most people dread it. And a lot of them do a poor job of answering. So why not be ready? Even though this time-tested recipe for introductions hasn’t changed, the updated version of the book brings the information current with new examples and new approaches consistent with the evolving job market and networking world.

Using your introduction as the foundation, you can easily develop a one-page professional bio and a bunch of other derivative documents: your LinkedIn profile, website bios, marketing materials, and more. The expanding range of these applications demands consistency, impact, and unique branding. This book gives guidance about your bio and its relatives.

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Making Practical Sense of Career Management: A Comprehensive Guide for Modern Career Coaching

In today’s coaching environment, professional coaching frequently involves career coaching. Often coaching engagements, especially in the business or executive arena, include helping clients figure out what to do with their careers, how to advance in a company, and how to conduct a job search.

This workbook is packed full of useful concepts and tools for successful career management coaching.

Be Smart: Sail Pat the Hazards of Conventional Career Advice

Everything you’ve been doing could be wrong! The world of job search and career management has evolved radically in the past ten years. This collection of substantive yet entertaining essays challenges assumptions and shakes the trees of “conventional wisdom”.

Consider how career management and job search are like sailing. Successful careers are about strategy, competition, and determination. Careers rarely move in a straight line and are unpredictable. Yet, the exhilaration of the race can be satisfying and rewarding. This book will help you sail on with gusto, and navigate the ups and downs that come with the journey!

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Se Inteligente: Evita los Riesgos de los Consejos de Carrera Convencionales

¡Todo lo que has estado haciendo podría estar equivocado! El mundo de búsqueda de empleo y desarrollo profesional ha evolucionado radicalmente en los últimos diez años. Esta colección de ensayos sustanciales pero entretenidos desafía las suposiciones y sacude los árboles de la “sabiduría convencional”. Las autoras escribieron este libro con el fin de proporcionarte una asesoría directa que es sencilla, intuitiva y fácil de aplicar. Han ayudado a cientos de clientes a desentrañar todo tipo de “desórdenes” resultantes de malos consejos, muchos de ellos de fuentes aparentemente expertas. Saben cómo se contrata, qué puede meter a alguien en problemas y qué funciona de verdad. Considera que el desarrollo profesional y la búsqueda de empleo se parecen a navegar con vela. ¡Este libro te ayudará a navegar a gusto, y a través de los altibajos que conlleva el viaje!