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10 “Cool” – but not so cool resumes

Mediocre career advice meets mediocre graphic design and is making its way into mainstream resume preparation.   Recently commentary on an article “10 Cool Resumes Made by Professional Graphic Designers” replete with samples showed up in one of the on-line Career Management discussions.  In my opinion, these are perfect examples of irrelevant resumes.  People who hire […]

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Graphs on Resumes – Mostly Bad

One of the current trends on resumes of top executives are graphs – graphs that show the increase in share price, increase in revenue, company growth rate, reduction of costs, and related metrics of performance.  Most recently I have seen such a graph placed as part of the description for each of the last few […]

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Resumes Are Not Dead

The death of resumes continues to be endlessly and tirelessly debated.  It is a topic that pops up periodically in the career press and online conversations and ebbs and flows like the tide.  The problem is that the premise is wrong.  All of the conversations are about the document we call a resume, which hasn’t […]

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